Thank you for taking the time to read or even just pass on through.

I’m 26 and live in Clapham (Claaaaam as its locally known) in South London with two friends and my girlfriend. More young professional than hippie commune with post-student syndrome thrown in for good measure. My work in the book trade takes me (and my stomach) all around the world for which I am eternally grateful.

The Whimsical Onion was born on 20th May 2013 out of an accumulation of whimsical energy and inspiration from Michael Pollan (and to a lesser extent the philandering Paul Hollywood).

All the best,



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Right mate, while I can appreciate you put alot of effort into this I don’t see any mention of the northern classic, the meat and potato pasty.

    I’m not talking about any fancy rubbish that makes you slobber like pavlov’s dogs or whathaveyou, son, I’m talking about greenhalgh’s own. Follow it down with a pint of bitter or few and bob’s your uncle.

    Perhaps your palette isn’t suited to England’s true culinary delights, perhaps italian and french quisine is more your cup of tea but the thing is mate, the time to learn is now. As an aspiring food critic you are no doubt constantly looking for ways to improve your ability to evaluate what the culinary world has to offer, well let me tell you now boyo, the greenhalgh’s meat and potato is the bee’s bloody knees. It’ll take your tongue to places unimaginable and line your stomach good and proper while it’s at it.

    Now you might be thinking, eh, greenhalgh’s, why don’t I just skimp and go for Gregs, it’s the same, right? Well, you’d be bloody well wrong. Greg’s pasties are an affront to pastry and supporting that defiler of the north’s greatest treat is a travesty against food that even Houdini couldn’t escape. My mate Chris saw a spider crawl across the pasties on display in the front of Gregs and let me tell you mate, I’ve not let their produce touch my lips since.

    Let the taste of meat and taters take you to paradise.

    Also, now I’m fine with people being up for “playing for either side” in bed mate but if you’re going to drop such blatant hints as ” Plus plus, I’m a massive sucker for anything that includes black beans on the side. A truly spectacular affair and I’m salivating right now more than the collective of Pavlov’s dogs just thinking about it. “, you may as well just come out and state your new orientation bud. We’re all behind you bud, don’t you worry, you’ll be no less of a man.

  2. I just about remember the lyrics to that old Johnny B Goode parody I made in school knocking around somewhere…Jonny Loves Food. Not that it matters – this blog says it all really. My stomach and I will be following 🙂

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